Using Your Harvest in the Kitchen

Got some goods growing in the garden but not sure how to use them? Check out these delicious, garden inspired recipes that you can make in a flash.

Growing anything good in your garden?! We know the answer is yes. Use those colorful fruits, vegetables, and herbs to your advantage and make something delicious for your friends and family. We have curated a list of easy, yummy recipes for you to try out. Whether it is a quick snack or special dinner, your harvest has got ya covered.

Easy Lunches and Snacks

Peppered Kale Chips (via Better Homes & Gardens)

There is nothing better than munching on a bag of chips, especially during lunch hour. However, classic potato can get a little boring. Try something different and go for kale chips! This guilt-free snack is super easy to make with garden-grown kale and features a fun peppery kick. Trust us, you AND your kids will be left wanting more.

Watermelon Smoothie with Banana & Strawberries (via Carrie Walder)

It's hot out there! Cool down with a refreshing, healthy smoothie. This recipe requires garden favorites like strawberries and mint, so get out there and start picking! Your blender awaits.

Fun Apps

Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno Poppers (via Missy Rakes)

Bring on the heat. These delicious poppers are sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next backyard bash, especially if you make ‘em with jalapenos right from the garden. Load those babies up with cheese and bacon and watch them be gone in a blink of an eye.

Garden Fresh Pico de Gallo (via Missy Rakes)

Taco Tuesday? Say less. Pico de gallo can make a world of a difference, whether you're scooping it up with chips or placing it on top of taco. This refreshing app is incredibly simple to put together with tomatoes straight from your garden. Chop them up, mix with some fresh herbs, and you are ready to go!


Garden Vegetable Gnocchi (via Taste of Home)

"Garden Vegetable Gnocchi" immediately paints the picture of a cozy backyard dinner with loved ones. Who wouldn't want that? This recipe features delicious garden goods like squash and bell pepper scattered amongst fluffy gnocchi. You can even go off script and add in other vegetables that sound scrumptious. The world is your oyster.

Margherita Pizza (via Kristyn Merkley)

Pizza night is officially sponsored by your garden. You just can't beat fresh tomato and basil atop gooey mozzarella. Go all out and make your own dough or take it easy and break out the store bought. Either way, the pizza will shine with its garden-fresh toppings.