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Canning is a great way to enjoy your harvest months later.

Follow these 8 simple tips to turn your yard into a pollinator paradise.

Air plants just need air, right?

Summer may be kick-back time, but don’t leave your garden to fend for itself.

The secret to a successful garden starts with finding a style that lets you—and your plants—flourish.

Plants like it hot, but super-high temps can put a damper on any garden party.

Discover how multiple plantings and a bit of planning can put fresh-grown food on your table all season long.

Start small or go big. Whatever garden you prefer, success begins with a little planning.

They grow up so fast! Prepare your seedlings for life outdoors.

Convenient, pre-measured packets!

Makes feeding as easy as watering!

Now feeding is as easy as watering, no matter how you water your plants.