Boost your blooms!

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Boost your blooms!

Boost your plants' growth and vitality with Miracle-Gro® plant food nutrient-packed formulas.

Sunlight and water is not enough!

Plants experience a burst of early growth when they're first planted. Many plant types also have growth spurts in the early or mid-summer, so it's important to replenish nutrients throughout the growing season.

Guide: Feeding your plants
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Plant Food of Champions

Soil Your Plants with Love

Keep planted containers looking great all summer

Planted containers make it fun and easy to put an edible or ornamental garden virtually anywhere—on a balcony, patio, deck, or even a rooftop. Here's how to maintain the beautiful blooms and produce a bountiful harvest all season long.

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How to keep the harvest coming

Simply put, succession gardening is a way to maximize the garden space you have by planting one crop immediately after another is harvested. Of course, you'll need to plan ahead of time to make it all work!

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Learn About Organic Gardening

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We are growing good in our communities, instilling a love and respect for plants and nature, and helping to grow the next generation of young gardeners.

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