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If you want to help your plants grow big and strong, you’ll need to feed them well. But many gardeners are a little confused by terms like plant food and plant fertilizer. They sound similar, but is plant food and fertilizer the same thing?

Expand your garden with some tips for growing more challenging veggies, herbs, and plants.

We’re spotlighting the veggies, herbs and plants that are super easy to grow and care for.

Learn how to grow your own mystical moon garden!

One quick shake for long-lasting feeding.

Pick your veggies one minute, grill them the next—what’s tastier than that?

For any gardener, few projects are more rewarding than planting a seed and watching it grow.

This tropical vine can grow outdoors or in.

Find out what sets these two gardening styles apart.

Discover what it really means to grow your own food organically.