Your Garden’s “Wow” Factor

Miracle-Gro Organic Soil and Mulch bags on ground with flowers

Your Garden’s “Wow” Factor

Grow an astonishingly abundant organic garden with Miracle-Gro's latest and greatest in Organics. We promise you’ll be  jumping for joy (mind your plants!)

Start With Great Ingredients,

End With Astonishing Results 

Our new Organics are going to help you grow an awe-inspiring garden that will make you ridiculously happy with the results.

Raised Bed & Garden Soil

Grow more vegetables, organically!* Made with upcycled green waste and natural fertilizer to keep your fave veggies, herbs, and blooms fed for up to 2 months.

Disclaimer: *vs. unfed plants

Dig In!
Lady spreading soil

All Natural Mulch

Dye-free and made from natural forest products, our All Natural Mulch helps edible gardens thrive organically while naturally preventing weeds.*

Disclaimer: *Blocks growth and access to sunlight when applied in a 3-inch layer.

Gro On!
Man spreading mulch in raised bed

Earth-Friendly is Kind of Our Thing


What we use in our products, where we source it from, and how is all rooted in making sure you can feel good about what you put into the ground — and so can the planet!

Our Mission
Man and women planting plants in raised bed

Made Local

At Miracle-Gro®, we’re all about providing products that are made at a location as close as possible to your store.

Check it Out!
US State Map with Stars noting Soil Warehouses

All Things Organic

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