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Houseplants bring life to every room with their delightful foliage. If your houseplants have spent time outdoors during the warm weather, take these important steps before bringing them indoors to enjoy.

Let Martha Stewart show the art of preserving leaves and crafting charming animal place cards to add a touch of nature's beauty to your next fall event.

Martha Stewart shares her expert tips and advice on preparing your garden for winter, ensuring a beautiful and thriving garden come spring.

If you want to help your plants grow big and strong, you’ll need to feed them well. But many gardeners are a little confused by terms like plant food and plant fertilizer. They sound similar, but is plant food and fertilizer the same thing?

Plant food is one of the best products you can give to your plants. It provides key sugars and nutrients, helping, flowers and more grow big and strong. But if you want to get the best results with plant food, you need to store and use it correctly.
Discover the Dream Duos that grow well and look great together

Creating a stunning jack-o-lantern centerpiece using freehand pumpkin carving techniques can be a fun and unique way to celebrate Halloween. Let Martha Stewart show you the best way to carve intricate designs using templates with a step-by-step guide.

We’re spotlighting the veggies, herbs and plants that are super easy to grow and care for.

Creating black gold through composting is a simple and effective way to enhance your garden's growing power while also saving money. Discover the basics of composting from Martha Stewart in this comprehensive guide.

Learn how to grow your own mystical moon garden!

Got some goods growing in the garden but not sure how to use them? Check out these delicious, garden inspired recipes that you can make in a flash.

Flowers that are gorgeous AND delicious? We’re here for it.