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Learn the basics of plant feeding with this comprehensive guide. Understand the significance of NPK, choose between liquid or granular fertilizers, and discover why fertilizing is essential for your plants' health and growth.
Discover the advantages of high-impact annuals, known for their fast growth and stunning blooms, and learn how to create a successful garden with these plants.
If you want to conserve water in your garden, this post shares easy and efficient tips for minimizing water usage. Implement these small hacks for big water savings now!
We’re excited to introduce our Organic Raised Bed and Garden Soil! Discover why our new organic soil is a great option for your plants.
Dreaming of a luscious garden but lacking yard space? Raised beds allow small space gardeners to reap big rewards. Learn how.
Discover how to create a "cool bunch" of plants that shine bright outdoors with hostas, begonias, and heucheras. Learn how to cultivate these beautiful plants in your outdoor space.
Explore the benefits of growing peas and cabbage together in your garden. Discover how these little green giants can thrive as excellent companions in the cool season.
Discover how the similar growing conditions of tomatoes and marigolds make them the perfect garden companions. Find useful growing tips for both plants to ensure a burst of sunshine in your garden
Container gardening is a versatile and space-saving way to grow plants, even if you have limited space. Learn how to create beautiful potted plantings with our Container Gardening 101 guide.
Have a passion for growing, gardening, and plants? You might be a Dirt Nerd! Learn what sets Dirt Nerds apart and how to become an expert in all things dirt.
Learn the basics of soil and how to determine if your soil is healthy and suitable for gardening. Understanding your soil is key to successful plant growth.