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Bring fresh cut beauties like sunflowers, hydrangeas, and bold zinnias into your home and garden with these tips and tricks for growing and arranging these flowers.
Discover the best techniques for harvesting tomatoes, storing them properly, and preserving their delicious flavor from your garden. Also, find exciting recipe ideas to make the most out of your ripe tomatoes.
Discover the best tips for harvesting, enjoying, and preserving bell peppers from your garden. Learn the best time to pick, storage methods, and delicious recipes to make the most of your harvest.
Learn the best practices for harvesting, preparing, and preserving squash from your garden with these helpful tips. Find out the best way to pick squash, how to store it, and discover delicious squash recipes to enjoy.
Explore the benefits of gardening with kids and learn about vegetable garden planning, planting, weeding, and journaling activities to foster their interest in nature and healthy eating habits.
Learn about the different types of weeds and effective methods for preventing and controlling them in your garden with our comprehensive guide on wild weed control.
We conducted a study to see how Miracle-Gro Organic stacked up to the competition. See the results and the difference Miracle-Gro can make in your garden.
Explore the beauty of tropical gardens. Learn how to create your own tropical oasis with these exotic and beautiful plants.
Growing easy, dependable roses involves choosing the right varieties, proper planting techniques, and regular pruning. Learn how to cultivate beautiful roses in your garden with these helpful tips.
Looking to plant peppers in your garden this season? Read this article to learn all about pepper planting!
Creating a pollinator garden is a great way to support bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Learn about the importance of pollinators and discover the best plants to attract them to your garden.
We’re excited to introduce our Organic Raised Bed and Garden Soil! Discover why our new organic soil is a great option for your plants.