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Discover the advantages of high-impact annuals, known for their fast growth and stunning blooms, and learn how to create a successful garden with these plants.
Discover how to create a "cool bunch" of plants that shine bright outdoors with hostas, begonias, and heucheras. Learn how to cultivate these beautiful plants in your outdoor space.
Discover how the similar growing conditions of tomatoes and marigolds make them the perfect garden companions. Find useful growing tips for both plants to ensure a burst of sunshine in your garden
Peonies and Lily of the Valley are a beautiful choice for any garden, creating a magical outdoor oasis. Learn how to grow and care for these stunning flowers.
Even budding gardeners can create a patch - or pots - of paradise, with a few simple steps
How to plant and care for one of the most popular spring flowers

Ask any garden designer - flowering vines can add a beautiful touch to any gardening plan.