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Discover how to grow early season crops in cooler temperatures with this guide to spring gardening. Learn whether to seed or plant for a successful harvest.
Kokedama is a Japanese art form where plants are wrapped in moss, creating a unique and beautiful way to display greenery. Learn how to create your own kokedama with our step-by-step DIY guide.
Learn how to make stylish DIY leather plant holders to hang indoors or out. Add a fashionable accessory to any space with these easy-to-follow instructions.
Unlock the secret to growing your own indoor herb and veggie paradise
With so many varieties grown on farms across the United States, it can be challenging to select the best Christmas tree for you.
A few embellishments can easily elevate a store-bought wreath into a custom creation. Learn how to DIY a beautiful Christmas wreath with Martha Stewart.
We are here to help you find the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life.
When there's no room to grow out, grow up!
Decorate the smallest of spaces with containers
Keep it festive with table decor that shows off what Mother Nature—and your own green thumb—have to offer.
What's so great about raised bed gardening? A lot! Check out these compelling reasons to plant your next garden in a raised bed.