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Tell the world you’re ready for cooler weather with one of these 3 easy projects.

What's so great about raised bed gardening? A lot! Check out these compelling reasons to plant your next garden in a raised bed.

A few simple changes in your yard can help preserve the health of the Chesapeake Bay

Discover great veggie and herb container gardening ideas that showcase companion plants plants that help each other grow better.

When there's no room to grow out, grow up!

Get your container or raised bed garden off to a solid start by using the right soil.

Fresh flowers at the ready for any occasion, from your own garden?

Combine your love for gardening with a seriously effective workout, building a keyhole garden out of paving stones. 

Ashton Ritchie shows you how easy it is to grow vegetables by building a simple raised bed with bales of straw and potting mix

Decorate the smallest of spaces with containers