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Learn the ABC's of shrub pruning, including how to prune, maintenance pruning tips, and caring for neglected shrubs with our comprehensive guide.
Discover hard-working shrubs that require low maintenance and provide year-round curb appeal. Learn the basics of selecting and caring for shrubs that offer a four-season perspective
Using the right strategies in your landscape will help to keep deer munching elsewhere
These days, it's a good idea to landscape with plants that deer don't like.
A tropical getaway in your backyard.
Choose the right trees, shrubs and ornamentals for your location and conditions
Get twice as much out of your landscaping by planting culinary herbs.
Patio cocktail trees. It's a new trend growing effortlessly across the country.
Plant these trees in your yard for early spring color
Who needs a ton of sun to have a beautiful yard?
Add a little prairie chic to your landscape with these eye-catching plants.
The trees are hardy, the fruit is delicious, but you won't find it in the grocery store!