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Made with vegan mayo and fresh cabbage, this tasty, colorful slaw is the perfect balance of creamy and crisp.

Fenway Farms makes fresh produce at the famous home of the Boston Red Sox

Garden-fresh ingredients turn this go-to appetizer into the ultimate happy-tizer!

Add some oomph to this classic pesto spaghetti meal by adding fresh from the garden zucchini. 

Have fun putting together this beautiful and tasty treat!

Grilling beans is the perfect way to bring out their fresh flavor while keeping them crisp.

Learn how to make this delicious, scoopable dish from Fenway Farms and Miracle-Gro

Give your taste buds a thrill by adding fresh, spicy jalapeños and zesty lime to sweet summer corn.

It doesn't take long to turn those fresh garden tomatoes and herbs into a mouthwatering tomato ricotta toast.

Attention, pasta lovers: It's time to breathe new life into a classic dish with help from your garden.

Take a break from the standard grilled steak by jazzing it up and making these zesty burrito bowls.