Raised Beds

Raised bed gardening is a fantastic way to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers that lets you grow more while requiring less work. Find articles that explain some best practices, to how to DIY, and more. Buy online and get our products shipped to your door.
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Prepare to raise a glass to dazzling, fresh-from the garden flavor.

Learn what you need to know to grow a big harvest of vegetables in your raised bed garden.

Growing plants in a raised bed can be a cinch if you know what you're doing.

Discover how to build your own 4x4 raised bed in just 5 super-simple steps.

Looks like the hottest new coffee spot around is...your garden!

More pollination = more fruits and veggies!

Fresh flowers at the ready for any occasion, from your own garden?

Get your container or raised bed garden off to a solid start by using the right soil.

Have a fun activity with kids - plant a vegetable garden.

What's so great about raised bed gardening? A lot! Check out these compelling reasons to plant your next garden in a raised bed.

Find out how to choose from all the cool things you can plant in a raised bed, plus get some great planting ideas for your own garden.

Build your plants a place they’ll love to call home and makes you happy, too.