Unlock the Magic of Basil and Parsley

Grow both a bountiful harvest and your green thumb with our step-by-step guide. 

Step into the world of culinary magic where Basil and Parsley join forces. These green companions aren't just your average kitchen herbs; they're the dynamic dream duo that elevates any dish from ordinary to extraordinary.

Basil, with its bold and aromatic profile, meets its perfect match in the fresh and slightly peppery notes of Parsley. Together, they bring a harmonious balance that can transform a simple meal into a culinary masterpiece. One of our favorite ways to showcase the vibrant flavors of this green team is with this Grilled Eggplant with Herbed Salsa recipe — serve it as a meal or a side dish. Or have you ever tried making a Herbed Hummus It’s a surprising twist on a Mediterranean favorite that won’t disappoint. Keep reading to see our must-try feature recipe that’s as easy to make as it is delicious to eat.

Ready to start your green journey? We’re here every step of the way with expert tips on how to grow a successful indoor garden.

How To Grow


Step 1: Buy Quality Herbs

Get started with high-quality herbs worthy of your indoor garden like Bonnie Plants® Sweet Basil and Bonnie Plants® Italian Flat Parsley. Bonnie Plants® herbs are well on their way to maturity and each variety has been quality test so you can be confident that they'll do well in your garden.

Step 2: Choose The Right Container

These herbs grow best when planted in a container with good drainage, so root rot can be avoided. Clay pots drain well however, they can dry out quickly (especially during the winter months when the furnace is on). Your best bet is to go with a glazed or plastic container with drainage holes for best results.

Step 3: Use Nutrient-Rich Soil

Basil and Parsley rely heavily on the nutrients in the soil for growth and development. Use Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix to ensure a well-balanced mix of essential nutrients that promotes healthy root systems and robust foliage — ultimately enhancing the flavor and aroma of your herbs. Furthermore, feed your herbs with Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food every 1-2 weeks for an added nutrient boost that’ll help promote healthy growth and vigor.

Step 4: Find A Sunny Spot

This dream duo thrives in sunlight. Place your Basil and Parsley on a south-facing windowsill that receives at least 6 hours of sun daily. If your home lacks sunlight or you want a foolproof way of growing, an AeroGarden® Grow Light is a great option. Make sure your herbs are in an area around 65 to 70 degrees F. When the temperate outside drops at night keep their foliage from touching the glass.

Step 5: Water Regularly

Water your Basil and Parsley around once a week or once the top layer of soil has dried out — keeping the soil moist without flooding the roots is key. If your herbs start to wilt, that may be a sign that they’re thirsty.

 Once you have a bountiful herb harvest, it’s time to get your apron on and put your kitchen skills to the test.


Feature Recipe: Basil Parsley Pesto

Together, this dream duo creates a vibrant, well-balanced pesto that can be used in a variety of ways: spread it on a sandwich, marinate meats and veggies with it, or make a pasta sauce. The choice is yours.

(Makes 2 cups)


  •  ¼ cup raw walnuts
  •  ¼ cup raw pine nuts
  •  1 ½ - 2 tablespoons chopped garlic
  • 2 ½ cups basil leaves, lightly packed
  • 2 ½ cups flat-leaf parsley leaves, lightly packed
  • ¾ teaspoon sea salt
  • Couple of grinds of black pepper
  • 1 cup unrefined, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ cup grated pecorino-romano or parmesan cheese**


1.   Place the walnuts, pine nuts, and garlic in the bowl of a food processor fitted with a steel blade. Process until finely chopped.

2.   Add the basil and parsley leaves, salt and pepper. Start the food processor and slowly pour the olive oil into the bowl through the feed tube and process until the pesto is finely pureed. Add the parmesan cheese and puree until well blended. Pesto freezes beautifully.


**To make a dairy-free/vegan version, eliminate the salt and cheese and substitute ¼ cup brown rice miso or other hearty miso. Taste for salt.

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