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Spider plants aren't just easy to grow – they're also easy to share! Discover how to plant, care for, and grow more of these popular houseplants.

You’ll have a jungalow before you know it.

Attention, accidental plant killers! This is one beautiful houseplant you’ll have no trouble keeping alive.

Here’s how to grow the #instafamous Swiss cheese plant in your own home.

With one of these in your home or office, we won’t blame you for indulging in a little California dreamin’—no matter where you live.

Learn to select the right houseplants for your needs

Also called “umbrella trees,” schefflera plants are popular houseplants that can flourish for years with the right care. Here’s what you need to know.

Succulents grow well both indoors and out, require little water, and add unique beauty to your home and landscape. Here's how to grow them.

Looking to liven up a drab office or bedroom? Choose an exotic-looking bromeliad and you won’t be disappointed.

Turn that winter frown upside down by growing these cheerful blooms indoors.

9 easy tips to help you brighten your home with beautiful plants

Rainbow-hued croton plants add rich, vibrant splashes of color to any room with a sunny window. Learn how to grow and care for them right here!