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Discover the best trailing houseplants for every space.

Turn winter blahs to winter ahhhs with these 5 colorful indoor bloomers.

Fill your home with gorgeous blooms year-round.

Looking to liven up a drab office or bedroom? Choose an exotic-looking bromeliad and you won’t be disappointed.

These easy-to-care-for indoor plants are popular choices for bringing greenery indoors.

These eye-catching plants are super-easy to grow—but there’s a trick to getting those gorgeous blooms.

Equally at home on a wrap-around porch or in the living room, Boston ferns are incredibly popular houseplants. Here's how to grow them.

African violets not only produce beautiful blooms, but are easy to grow and can live for decades. Here's how to grow them in your home or office.

This handsome houseplant seems to have it all, and then some!

With their thick, glossy leaves, ZZ plants add a fresh, modern accent. Here’s how to care for these low-maintenance, slow-growing houseplants.

Love your indoor plants?

Rainbow-hued croton plants add rich, vibrant splashes of color to any room with a sunny window. Learn how to grow and care for them right here!