How to Be a Dirt Nerd.

Unleash your love of dirt and growing!

You might be a Dirt Nerd and not even know it. Explore how your passion for growing makes you a Dirt Nerd!

You love to grow 🌱

It doesn’t matter whether you’re growing houseplants in your apartment or a lush, gorgeous garden outdoors — you just love to grow! Your passion and care for your plants defines you, and you’re willing to learn everything you can to keep your plants growing healthy and strong.

You’re all about the dirt 🌻

You know that starting with good soil is the key to growing success. Whether you have indoor plants that need soil that is less prone to fungus gnats, or flowers and vegetables that need a quick-release fertilizer built into the soil for the biggest blooms and harvests, you’ve discovered what your plants need from their dirt. You know that Miracle-Gro® makes soils and potting mixes that are great for whatever you’re growing, wherever you’re growing.

You’re not fussy about getting your hands dirty 🥕

What’s more satisfying than getting into the dirt and nurturing your plants? Your weekend plans involve rolling up your sleeves and going to work. Because you’re hands on, you know dirt. You know when it’s compacted and needs aeration, and when it’s too wet or too dry. When you sink your hands into Miracle-Gro® potting mixes and soils, you know you’re digging into something good for your plants.

You’re mindful of sustainability 🌎

It’s not enough for your dirt to feed and nurture your plants — it has to be good for the environment, too. You seek out products backed by efforts toward a more sustainable future. Miracle-Gro® is committed to creating products that are effective while considering their impact on the environment. To honor that commitment, we utilize green waste in many of our products, and with our sites across the US, we aim to limit the distance needed to transport our products to the stores where they are sold.

You’re constantly learning 📗

There’s always more to learn about dirt, and you’re only getting started with your love of growing. Even if you’re new to gardening, or know nothing about soil aeration, or haven’t tried an organic soil, your willingness to learn makes you a Dirt Nerd just the same. With so much to learn and grow, being a Dirt Nerd is a lifelong hobby that will nourish not only your plants, but you, too!

Essential Tools for Dirt Nerds - The Dirt on Dirt 🧰

For our Dirt Nerds who like to grow organically, our newest product, Miracle-Gro® Organic Raised Bed & Garden Soil, is peat-free, utilizes upcycled green waste, and can be used in multiple locations.

Experienced Dirt Nerds love Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil All-Purpose, the gardening soil that feeds your in-ground plants for up to 3 months and improves existing soil.

Any Dirt Nerd who specializes in pots can tell you that container plants need a soil that avoids compaction. Miracle-Gro® All Purpose Potting Mix also feeds potted plants for up to 6 months. Expert Dirt Nerds recommend repotting container plants with fresh soil annually to keep them healthy and strong.

Although Dirt Nerds already know how to water their plants, it doesn’t hurt to have help from your soil. Miracle-Gro® Moisture Control Potting Mix worries about watering for you, all while feeding for up to 6 months.

Are you a Dirt Nerd who loves your indoor plants? Love them back with Miracle-Gro® Indoor Potting Mix. This mix is designed to be less prone to gnats with a formula that doesn’t contain compost and bark (which are known to shelter fungus gnats).

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