Why Our Soil

Introducing Miracle-Gro Organic™ Raised Bed & Garden Soil

You might think, it’s just dirt, right? At Miracle-Gro®, we know not all soils are created equal. From formulations that nurture your plants to efforts toward sustainability, we’re thinking about how to make the best soils that are good for your plants and the environment.

To that end, we’re excited to introduce Miracle-Gro Organic™ Raised Bed & Garden Soil, our newest organic soil for gardening that growers are going to love.

Ingredients Matter

When we created Miracle-Gro Organic™ Raised Bed & Garden Soil, we knew we wanted a peat-free formula. Peat is a wonderful soil ingredient that’s beneficial to plants, and we are committed to sourcing peat for our products responsibly. We understand, however, that some gardeners are looking for an alternative. Instead of peat, our organic soil uses aged bark and compost for a lightweight blend with excellent drainage and aeration. Plus, this gardening soil contains quick-release natural fertilizer and feeds plants for up to 2 months. That means you can expect more vegetables* guaranteed**!

Made Local

Where does your dirt come from? Our Miracle-Gro Organic™ Raised Bed & Garden Soil is locally crafted, meaning your soil was manufactured on average less than 150 miles from the stores in which it is sold (excluding AK and HI). Here at Miracle-Gro, we take advantage of our many growing media facilities and aim to limit the distance needed to transport our organic garden soil.


At Miracle-Gro®, we’re thoughtful about what we put in our products and how they impact the environment. Our Organic Raised Bed & Garden Soil is formulated with upcycled green waste. Examples of the green waste Miracle-Gro utilizes include grass clippings and tree trimmings, which are broken down into compost that we use to enrich our soil. Each year, Miracle-Gro® beneficially utilizes more than 3 billion pounds of recycled green waste in our products to help you grow plants that enhance your environment and make the world more beautiful.

Dual-Location Soil

Miracle-Gro Organic™ Raised Bed & Garden Soil is formulated both to fill raised beds and enrich native soil in gardens. Follow the easy-to-use package instructions for growing success and to determine how much soil you need. Wherever you’re planting, you can trust that this organic growing media is great for your plants.

Ready to go organic? Find out how much you can grow when you love your plants with Miracle-Gro®.

*Vs unfed plants

**Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

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