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A Guide on How to be a Dirt Nerd!
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We’re excited to introduce our Organic Raised Bed and Garden Soil! Discover why our new organic soil is a great option for your plants.
Container gardening is a versatile and space-saving way to grow plants, even if you have limited space. Learn how to create beautiful potted plantings with our Container Gardening 101 guide.
Have a passion for growing, gardening, and plants? You might be a Dirt Nerd! Learn what sets Dirt Nerds apart and how to become an expert in all things dirt.
Learn the basics of soil and how to determine if your soil is healthy and suitable for gardening. Understanding your soil is key to successful plant growth.
At Miracle-Gro®, we are in the business of beautifying our Earth. That doesn't just mean planting colorful flowers or creating gorgeous landscapes. It also means being thoughtful about what we put in our products. We are committed to creating products that are effective while considering their impact on the environment.
Discover great veggie and herb container gardening ideas that showcase companion plants plants that help each other grow better.
Add garden-fresh flavor to meals all season long by growing herbs in pots.
Build your plants a place they'll love to call home and makes you happy, too.
Easy to grow and easy on the wallet?
Build a long-lasting relationship with your in-ground garden by giving plants regular TLC.