Margarita Mixes, Garden Style!

Prepare to raise a glass to dazzling, fresh-from the garden flavor.

Classic, frozen, or on the rocks—today's most stylish, sought-after margaritas burst with garden-fresh flavors. Think crisp cucumbers and spicy jalapeños, earthy thyme and basil, sparkling lemon, even cool mint. Get a jump on this tasty trend when you grow your own herbs and veggies that pair perfectly with tequila and triple sec!

Follow these instructions to plant a Margarita Garden in a 4' x 6' raised bed. If yours is a different size, note the spacing guidelines to make adjustments. Just be certain to fill it with premium soil, formulated especially for raised beds, like Miracle-Gro® Raised Bed Soil. If you're short on space, pick your favorite plants and grow a mini Margarita Garden in containers.

What You'll Need

The following herb and veggie starter plants, like these choices from 

  • 1 jalapeño plant
  • 1 bush-style cucumber plant (like Cucumber Cooler)
  • 1 strawberry plant (like Sweet Berry Bloom)
  • 1 each of these plants: sweet basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, lemon balm, and sweet mint

Plant Your Margarita Garden

Use this planting plan as your guide to what goes, and grows, where in your Margarita Garden. Pay close attention to the distance between plants: They may look small and lonely now, but they'll be big and bushy in no time.

Area 1: Starting 6" from the corner of the bed, plant your thyme and cilantro plants next to each other, about 12" apart.

Area 2: Plant your sage about 15" behind the thyme and cilantro, about 12" from the side of the bed. Moving toward the back of the bed, plant your sweet basil and japapeño plants in line with the sage. Put the sweet basil about 18" from the sage, then plant your jalapeño 12" from the back corner of the bed. Add a wire cage around the jalapeño to provide support and save space when it climbs and produces fruit.

Area 3: Plant the sweet mint in the clay pot, filled with Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix, then bury it up to its rim in the corner of the raised bed. (The pot will keep the mint from spreading.) Moving toward the back of the bed, plant your lemon balm plant about 24" from the submerged pot and 6"-8" from the side of the bed. As they grow, both plants will spread and overflow the bed at the side and corner.

Area 4: Plant your strawberry plant about 18" behind the lemon balm and 12" from the side of the bed. Then plant your cucumber plant about 12" from the corner of the bed—it should line up neatly about 24" from the jalapeño. Add a cage around the cucumber so it can climb and have support for its heavy fruit.

Give your new plants a thorough watering, then tend to them while they grow. Feed them every one to two weeks with Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food. You'll replenish nutrients in the soil while you water—no extra work needed.

Make—and Shake—Your Margaritas!

Gather, rinse, and pat dry your garden-grown ingredients just before cocktail hour. Then, combine them in a cocktail shaker with tequila, triple sec, and lime juice! Use your favorite recipe or invent your own, like:

  • Cool, spicy sliced cucumbers and jalapeños
  • Refreshing muddled sage, thyme, cilantro, and sweet mint
  • Sweet sliced strawberries and basil
  • Crisp, extra-zesty lemon balm

Shake and strain, then pour into your favorite glass (rimmed with coarse salt, if you like) and garnish with sprigs of fresh herbs, sliced cucumbers or jalapeños, or whole mint leaves. Now that's a margarita that looks as fresh as it tastes!