Create a Beautiful Botanical Masterpiece

Create a beautiful botanical masterpiece by heading outside for a garden adventure! Art inspired by objects and shapes found in the garden makes a perfect activity for the entire family. Plus, when you set up an art studio outside, little artists can unleash their inner Monets without worrying about making a mess. Take a walk through the garden, find your inspiration, and let your creativity run wild. Remember, too, that everyone's art looks different, since it reflects your unique perspective and personality—that's the fun of it!

What You'll Need:

  • Garden item for inspiration
  • Pencil, washable paints, crayons, colored pencils, glitter pens, markers, etc.
  • White paper, any size
  • Easel, table, or other hard surface for drawing or painting
  • Artist paint brushes, assorted sizes (optional)
  • A cup of water for rinsing paintbrushes (optional)
  • Old clothes or artist's smock, if painting (optional)

How to Create a Garden Masterpiece:

1.Walkthrough the garden and look for an object with an interesting shape, color, or texture, like a sunflower, daisy, tulip, tomato, purple pepper, peas with curly tendrils, moss-covered rock, birds nest, flowerpot—you get the idea!

2. Set up your art station near your subject, or place the item on the table near you if it's small, so you can see the details.

3. Pick your favorite artist tools—paint, crayon, pencil—and start your masterpiece. You might want to sketch the basic shape with a pencil first, then fill in the details and colors.

4. Consider trying different techniques for the same subject—a pencil sketch, a crayon drawing, a watercolor painting.

5. If you've used paint, let it dry.

6. Sign your garden masterpiece, then decide where to display it.

Of course, garden art makes a fabulous gift, too. Share your garden masterpiece with your favorite teacher, aunt, friend, or grandparents—they'll love seeing your beautiful creation!