Miracle-Gro® is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking addition to our Miracle-Gro® Organic portfolio. Miracle-Gro® Organic All Natural Mulch was made for both you and your environment, allowing you to feel good about what you’re using in your garden beds.

We believe that true beauty starts at home, and our Organic All Natural Mulch is no exception. Crafted locally* using natural forest products**, we've partnered with dedicated suppliers to ensure the use of high quality materials. When you choose Miracle-Gro® Organic, you're not just choosing a product; you're choosing a movement towards sustainability.

Kids & Pets

We take pride in using high-quality forest materials. Our mulch is thoughtfully designed to exclude construction debris and pallet wood that might contain nails or harmful chemicals. With Miracle-Gro® Organic All Natural Mulch you can garden with peace of mind, knowing that only natural forest products are used.

Organic and All Natural

Our Miracle-Gro® Organic line is committed to the health of your garden and the well-being of the environment. Our Organic All Natural Mulch is a testament to that commitment. All of the suppliers for Miracle-Gro® Organic All Natural Mulch are OMRI-certified, as is the mulch itself, and it is made with dye-free, sustainable wood**, ensuring that when you use it to nurture your garden you're making a choice that's truly aligned with your values.

Edible Gardening

For those who cherish the joy of edible gardening, our mulch is the perfect partner. It helps safeguard your edibles from weeds by blocking growth and access to light when used in a three-inch layer, all while helping to retain vital soil moisture. Miracle-Gro® Organic All Natural Mulch  is also dye-free, so that you can feel good using it around the fruits, vegetables and herbs in your gardens and raised beds.

Join us in our mission to create a greener, healthier future, one garden at a time.

Packaging Includes Recycled Materials

Miracle-Gro® Organic is taking its sustainability commitment to the next level through a strategic partnership with ProAmpac. Our mulch bags are crafted with at least 10% Post-Consumer Recycled material, sourced from everyday items previously used by consumers, such as plastic bags and stretch film. These materials are meticulously collected and sorted at recycling centers, then subjected to a thorough cleaning and mechanical shredding process, transforming them into brand new plastics. This innovative approach not only lessens the demand for new materials but also significantly extends the life cycle of existing plastics, reducing waste and helping to lighten our environmental footprint.


Water is the essence of all life. Miracle-Gro® Organic All Natural Mulch not only helps to maintain moisture levels around your plant, but it also does not contain dyes that could run off into water or splash onto your plants.

Together, we're nurturing change, one garden bed at a time.

*manufactured less than 150 miles on average from the stores in which it is sold, excluding AK & HI

**product uses recycled green waste inputs, including diverted scrap wood from lumber processes