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For gardeners with a season or two under their belts who feel they’re ready to move to new grounds with different plants and techniques.
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Discover how to grow early season crops in cooler temperatures with this guide to spring gardening. Learn whether to seed or plant for a successful harvest.
Peonies and Lily of the Valley are a beautiful choice for any garden, creating a magical outdoor oasis. Learn how to grow and care for these stunning flowers.
Grow both a bountiful harvest and your green thumb with our step-by-step guide.
The Syngonium plant (AKA: Arrowhead Plant or Arrowhead Vine) is a delightful addition to any indoor gardening collection. First and foremost, it’s known for its adaptable nature, making it a top choice for both seasoned plant enthusiasts and beginners.
Get your plants the nutrients they need to thrive
Unlock the secret to growing your own indoor herb and veggie paradise
Few herb combinations in the culinary world rival the dream duo of sage and thyme.
It’s true, plants have chemistry together, too.
Growing healthy tomatoes is easy
The secret to a successful garden starts with finding a style that lets you—and your plants—flourish.
Discover the Dream Duos that grow well and look great together