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For gardeners with a season or two under their belts who feel they’re ready to move to new grounds with different plants and techniques.
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These flowers are ideal for adding color indoors

How to select, plant, and maintain the right trees or shrubs for your yard and your climate

You have lots of choices for bringing spectacular color to your yard

Even if it doesn’t make you rich, you’ll find great success in caring for this tropical plant.

These popular houseplants give a lush, tropical look to any room, and come in many varieties. Learn how to grow dieffenbachia right here!

Once maligned, Brussels sprouts seem to be making a comeback in kitchens across the country. Why not grow your own? Here’s how.

You can plant this popular vegetable in the spring or fall

With the right plants and conditions, you can plant and enjoy fresh herbs in winter

Growing your own raspberry bushes is easy, and the plants will reward your efforts with lots of delicious harvests.

Recycling rainwater for your garden is like putting money in the bank.