The Beauty of LED Grow Lights

Keep your plants happy and healthy all year round with lights that mimic the sun.

We have all walked into homes that resemble a beautiful indoor garden - dozens of potted plants thoughtfully placed on shelves and side tables, vines elegantly trailing up the walls, flavorful herbs growing on the kitchen counter. Transforming your space into a plant paradise may sound daunting, especially if you don't have an abundance of natural light. That's where AeroGarden LED Grow Lights come in. Effective as they are stylish, these grow lights are little rays of sunshine for your plants. They provide the necessary amount of light to ensure healthy plant growth, even if you lack a sunny windowsill or live in a cloud-covered city. Trust us, your green-thumb dreams can come true. You just need a little bit of light.

Grow Light vs. Standard Light

Standard lights are great…for us; however, they are unable to provide houseplants with the spectrum of light they need to flourish. AeroGarden LED Grow Lights work smarter and harder to keep your plants happy. You can customize the light intensity and schedule to ensure your plants are getting the proper amount of light. You can also switch between four different light modes to match your plant's needs (or your mood): full-spectrum, white, warm, and cool. All you need to do is tap to turn on and off or hop on the AeroGarden app to make adjustments.

Now, you might be wondering: "Well, what about style? Grow lights sound too high-tech to be stylish!" We are here to myth-bust. In addition to being the light of your plant's life, AeroGarden Grow Lights can also be a fashionable element of home décor, integrating seamlessly into any room. There are three different styles to choose from, all varying in size to meet your needs. The Stem Grow Light, for example, is perfect for plant lovers with minimal space, as it features two stabilizing prongs that can be easily placed right into your plant's soil. Sleek, space-saving, and a reliable source of light, all in one. The Tabletop Grow Light is perfect for larger plants, while the Trio Grow Light features three arms to accommodate multiple plants.

But Wait…There's More to It…

Light isn't the only factor you need to take into consideration when caring for your plants. Houseplants also need soil and nutrients to keep them thriving. When it comes to choosing soil, you need a blend that resembles the environment your plant naturally thrives in. For instance, you should plant your snake plant in Miracle-Gro Tropical Potting Mix. This mix is specially formulated to include lava rock for added drainage that tropicals need. Feed your plant with plant food as soon as it's settled in its container. In the case of snake plants, you will want to use Miracle-Gro Tropical Houseplant Food. Blended with micronutrients tropical plants love, such as magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, and zinc, this liquid fertilizer is specifically designed to promote the growth of lush foliage. Apply once per week.

A Flourishing Plant Paradise

AeroGarden LED Grow Lights are wonderful for nurturing and growing all kinds of plants. Whether you're an expert or just starting out on your gardening journey, grow lights, as well as the right mix of soil and plant food, can help you create a thriving, vibrant indoor garden that brings joy and beauty to your home.