Sage & Thyme: The Culinary Power Couple

Few herb combinations in the culinary world rival the dream duo of sage and thyme.

Few herb combinations in the culinary world rival the dream duo of sage and thyme. This dream duo doesn't just add flavor to dishes; it also brings charm to gardens. Take a deep dive into tips on growing these herbs as well as their unique tastes and versatility in the kitchen.


Growing Tips for Success

These perennial herbs are sun-loving and fairly low-maintenance once they take root. For a thriving herb garden, understanding their needs is key.


  • Plant these herbs during the cool days of spring or fall. These fragrant culinary herbs are a great option to grow in containers or out in your garden bed.


  • If planting in a garden bed, space sage plants 18 to 24 inches apart and thyme 12 to 14 inches apart in an area that gets plenty of sunlight and has rich, well-draining soil amended with Miracle-Gro Garden Soil.



  • Check soil moisture every few days and water once the top inch of soil becomes dry.


Flavorful Harmony

Sage and thyme, celebrated for their distinct tastes, form a magical pairing in the kitchen. Bonnie Plants® Garden Sage boasts a pine-like aroma with a hint of lemon offering a bold flavor. On the other hand, Bonnie Plants® English Thyme presents a more subtle taste with notes of mint, citrus, earthiness, and a delicate floral touch. When combined, their flavors intertwine to elevate dishes such as poultry or roasted vegetables.


Culinary Traditions and Beyond

Beyond their culinary prowess, this dream duo has earned its place in cultural traditions. Often combined with rosemary and parsley, these herbs are staples in holiday kitchens — enhancing the flavors of festive dishes, particularly turkey and stuffing.


Additionally, their harmonious blend adds richness to various recipes, including flavorful herbed butter. And we can’t forget one of our favorites: give Herbal Tea and Stove Top Potpourri a try for a scent and flavor that’s both soothing and refreshing.


Now, that you’ve unlocked the secrets of Sage and Thyme, you can now grow this dream duo with the knowledge you need for a bountiful herb harvest. Good luck (although we know you won’t need it!).