We are here to help you find the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life

Regardless of the holiday-Christmas, Valentine's Day, a birthday or anniversary, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Simplify your list with the gift of gardening! From vibrant potted flowers and succulents to hydroponic gardens, there's something for everyone and every occasion. Keep reading to get some inspiration.

The Indoor Gardener - Houseplants

  • Houseplants: Who wouldn't appreciate a houseplant to liven up their living space? It's the perfect gift choice. Consider Snake Plants or ZZ Plants as an excellent option for those starting their gardening journey. For more experienced gardeners, a Red Chinese Evergreen Plant is sure to delight and enhance their collection.
  • Grow Lights: Indoor plants require the right amount of light to flourish, and LED lights provide just that. AeroGarden Grow Lights make for excellent companion gifts for houseplants. What's more, they not only offer the perfect lighting but also bring a touch of style that seamlessly integrates into any home decor!
  • Miracle-Gro Tropical Potting Mix and Houseplant Food: This is the ultimate combination to ensure tropical indoor houseplants like Monstera’s stay vibrant. Miracle-Gro® Tropical Potting Mix is made with lava rock for added drainage that tropical plants need. It is also packed with nutrients that feed plants for up to 6 months. And to further pamper tropical greenery, there's
  • Miracle-Gro® Tropical Houseplant Food. This liquid fertilizer is specially formulated with micronutrients that tropical plants adore, including magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, and zinc. Plus, it feeds instantly and is safe for all tropical plants.

The Indoor Gardener - Herbs

  • Bonnie Plants: Looking for a perfect gift for a culinary enthusiast? Why not go for Bonnie Plants and help them cultivate their own herb garden? After all, we know that homegrown herbs taste better. Before you choose, consider the lighting conditions. Herbs such as chives, mint, and parsley adapt well to indoor light levels.
  • Miracle-Gro Potting Mix and Indoor Plant Food: You can’t go wrong with a potting mix-plant food duo. These two products work wonders together and make for a perfect gift for the experienced gardeners in your life. Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix is specially formulated to feed plants for up to 6 months and helps grow bigger, more beautiful plants. Miracle-Gro® Indoor Plant Food feeds instantly to give indoor plants, flowers, and edibles the nutrients they need to flourish.

The Outdoor Gardener

  • Miracle-Gro Garden Soil All Purpose: Stocking up on outdoor gardening supplies is a wise move, and it's never too early to get started! Even if you reside in a cooler climate, the gift of garden soil can be a thoughtful choice for those gardening enthusiasts who eagerly await the warmer months. By providing them with garden soil, you're helping them prepare for the gardening season ahead.
  • Gardening Gloves: You can never have too many pairs of gardening gloves. Gloves need to work as hard as your friends do, and this pair keeps up with the pace. With split leather on the back of the hand and grain leather on the palm, one can expect long-lasting durability.

The Hydroponic Gardener

  • AeroGarden Harvest: Starting an indoor hydroponic garden is a fantastic and rewarding hobby to explore. The AeroGarden Harvest makes it incredibly easy to get started – it almost takes care of the plants for you! The joy of witnessing herbs, vegetables, and flowers flourish without much effort is truly satisfying. If your friend is eager to have a garden but prefers minimal maintenance, the AeroGarden Harvest is the perfect choice for them.
  • Seed Pod Kits: Seed pod kits make a perfect addition to an AeroGarden indoor hydroponic garden kit or a standalone gift, especially for those who are already AeroGarden enthusiasts. With options like the Jalapeno Pepper Seed Pod Kit and the Echo Spirits Top Shelf Seed Pod Kit, you'll find a variety of excellent choices to fit your recipients needs.