The Benefits of Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

Get ready to be convinced.

There are countless benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables, and we have the top 6 reasons why! If you are considering growing your own garden this season, the following will turn that consideration into a concrete plan. Let's boost your live goods game.

1. Save Money

Grocery shopping can be a bit challenging nowadays. From supply chain disruptions to environmental changes, there are various reasons as to why produce prices have skyrocketed. According to the Times, "a pint of fresh strawberries is up more than 25% since November 2021" and "field-grown tomatoes cost 16.9% more year-over-year." Growing your own produce can help you save some money. Think of all the produce one plant produces–multiple grocery trips worth! Instead of going to the store you can just pick your produce right at home. Browse hundreds of live plants at Bonnie Plants to get your garden started!

2. Less Waste

You ever go to the store and buy a ton of produce "just in case," but never end up using it all? We know the answer is yes, we're all victims of it! You only have to pick what you need when you grow your own fruits and vegetables. And if you need more? Walk back outside! Your supply will be waiting. You can even share with your neighbors or donate to a local food pantry if you have excess. Always remember that produce that passes the point of freshness can be used for composting! Gardens are a great source of compostable materials.

3. Fresh Food

Everyone knows that fresh food tastes better, but why? The answer: it is picked at peak ripeness and flavor! When you grow fruits and vegetables, you can choose your own perfect ripeness. Plus, homegrown produce does not endure rough shipping conditions to get to the shelf. This process affects flavor, texture, and amount of beneficial nutrients found in the fruit or vegetable. So, not only does fresh produce make your food taste better, it is also more beneficial for the body.

4. Knowing Where Your Food Came From

Growing your own produce means you know exactly what it's been exposed to. There are a lot of unknowns when you buy from the store. Chemicals, ripening-agents, preservatives…the list goes on. You don't have to carefully examine a label when you pick a tomato from your tomato plant.

5. Connection with Nature

It may sound cliché, but you truly connect with nature when you dedicate time to growing your own garden. Whether you are caring for an herb garden indoors or a vegetable garden outside in the fresh air and sunshine, you learn about the natural processes that occur and gain a sense of appreciation when you watch your plants grow. Not to mention, nature is pretty darn beautiful. Varying colors, textures, smells; it's all so enjoyable.

6. Self-Accomplishment and A Learning Environment for Your Kids

Who wouldn't want to share with their dinner guests that the food they're about to dive into is made with homegrown vegetables? That is something to be extremely proud of! Growing your own produce shows commitment and dedication, so go ahead, humble brag! It is well-deserved. And imagine how excited your kids would be if they helped. Not only do they get to learn about gardening, they also get to show off their hard work.

Ready to Get Started?

Now that you're aware of all the great benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables at home, it's time to get that garden started. If you're growing indoors, you can try an AeroGarden. If you have an outdoor space, figure out if you're starting small with a container, or going all in with a raised bed, or in-ground garden. Whatever you decide, we have Garden Soil, Potting Mix, Plant Food, and Live Plants to get you off to a great start. We recommend checking out Bonnie Plants for an array of live good options. Once you choose the produce you want to plant, get some Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil All-Purpose! This mix helps grow bigger, more beautiful plants versus unfed. Enriched with continuous release plant food, it feeds plants for up to 3 months and improves existing soil to help your plants build strong roots. After planting, give your plants an extra boost of nutrition with Miracle-Gro® Shake ‘N Feed All Purpose Plant Food or Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food. These plant foods will nurture your fruit and vegetable plants to help them grow and thrive.