Miracle-Gro Results. Organic Ingredients.

No compromise. Just results. 

As more people turn to natural products, interest in organic gardening is skyrocketing. Luckily, organic gardeners can now turn to the most trusted name in gardening and our breakthrough line of Performance Organics™ products. After doing exhaustive research on organic ingredients and lots of experimentation, we created Performance Organics™ — soil and plant foods with the power to help you grow the kind of organic garden you've always wanted.

Performance Organics™ can help you increase your organic garden harvest.*

With our five new Performance Organics™ soils and plant foods, we're raising the bar when it comes to what you can expect at harvest time. For example, our Performance Organics™ All Purpose Container Mix and Performance Organics™ All Purpose In-Ground Soil. In developing these soil mixes, we started by reviewing many top-quality, nutrient-rich organic compost formulas, then put those that made the cut through analytical tests to uncover the richest combination designed to deliver the best possible growth. The result? Organic gardens with up to double the yield.* Both of these soil mixes provide vital organic nutrients to nourish your plants for up to three months. They're an innovative, easy way to get your organic vegetables and herbs off to a great start.

Simplify feeding and nurturing your plants.

A month after planting, give your organic garden the nutrition that only Performance Organics™ can offer. Our Performance Organics™ All Purpose Plant Nutrition and the new Performance Organics™ Garden Feeder take the guesswork out of organic feeding. The feeder has been carefully designed and calibrated to deliver the right amount of nutrition your plants need. Simply attach to your hose and spray. In addition to feeding your plants, our Performance Organics™ plant food line also feeds the microbes in the soil to help your plants grow by making nutrients more easily available to them.

Go organic the easy way with Performance Organics™. 

Home gardeners have relied on our products for over a half-century to get bigger, more bountiful harvests* from their vegetable and herb plants. And while there are other organic gardening products, we used time-tested, rigorous research methods to develop our complete line of Performance Organics™. Order them directly from or ask for them by name at your local garden center. Get growing organically with Performance Organics™.

*versus unfed potted plants