How to Grow a Moon Garden

Learn how to grow your own mystical moon garden!

Calling all Night Owls! Did you know that gardens are not just for daytime? You can enjoy a luminous landscape after hours when you plant a moon garden! Moon gardens are an enchanting twist on traditional gardens. They feature a variety of white, silver, and light-colored flowers and foliage that reflect the moonlight. This ambiance provides a calming escape after a long day, introduces you to a new sense of beauty, and is capable of rejuvenating your senses. Read on for tips on how to grow your own moon garden oasis. You may even find a link to a playlist to add to the ambiance…

The Moon's Favorite Flowers

Feeling inspired? Below is a list of flower varieties that will thrive underneath the moon's nighttime glow:

  • White Petunias
    • E3 Easy Wave White
  • Petchoa
    • SuperCal Premium Pearl White
  • Calibrachoa
    • Tik Tok White
  • SunPatiens Compact Classic White
  • Senecio/Dusty Miller
    • Angel Wings
  • Senecio/Dusty Miller
    • Angel Wings
  • Salvia
    • SallyFun Pure White
  • Angelonia
    • Archangel White or Purple Bicolor
  • Euphorbia
    • Flurry
  • Lantana
    • Bandana White Imp
  • Geranium
    • Mojo White

General Tips and Tricks

It's not just about the flowers. There is some planning that goes behind a successful moon garden. It is important to take the following into consideration:

  • Plant in an open area that will receive as much moonlight as possible. Light from the moon not only contributes to the beauty of your garden but also helps it flourish.
  • Your garden can also benefit from other light sources. Add some string or solar lights to your landscape to highlight your favorite flowers!
  • Moon gardens are about appealing to a variety of senses. Textured plants can be pleasing to the touch and create depth with bold shadows. Scented plants like petunias, lavender, and salvia enhance the garden atmosphere with their soothing aromas. You can also add calming sounds to your garden, from water fountains to foliage that moves with the wind.

Add to the Ambiance

Whether you are enjoying your moon garden on your own or with the people you love, we have just the thing to set the vibe. Check out our Moon Garden playlist on Spotify. These songs have been thoughtfully selected to transport you to somewhere magical