Learn more about how we source our inputs in our Miracle-Gro® Organic All Natural Mulch

In today's world, environmental awareness is not just a choice but a necessity. This is evident in Miracle-Gro® Organic All Natural Mulch – a product that's both locally manufactured* and crafted from dye-free, sustainable wood**. We take pride in the fact that our organic mulch does not use construction debris or pallet wood which may contain nails or harmful chemicals.

Crucial to the creation of Miracle-Gro® Organic All Natural Mulch are our valued suppliers, who are integral to the very essence of our product. We've fostered partnerships with suppliers across the nation, and our relentless pursuit of high quality inputs is a cornerstone of our operations. While our mulch draws from various sources, a key component is scrap wood diverted from the lumber industry. This allows us to provide a new purpose to these leftover materials. 

Our approach to sourcing this mulch is a reflection of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Our organic mulch is locally made* but, this commitment goes beyond geography.

At Miracle-Gro®, our journey is fueled by a profound commitment to the health of your garden. We firmly believe that every choice you make should align with your values, and our role is to provide you with products that empower you to make those choices.


*Manufactured less than 150 miles on average from the stores in which it is sold, excluding AK and HI.

** Recycled green waste inputs, including diverted scrap wood from lumber processes.