Growing Wheat Grass Indoors for Juicing with Dan Faires

Juicing is not just a trend, it's something that is good for you. Designer and gardener Dan Faires shows us how simple it is to grow your own wheat grass indoors for decor AND for juicing. From seeds to juice takes only a few weeks with simple steps. You can be an indoor farmer!

You will need; Organic Wheat Grass Seeds Organic Potting Mix Shallow Planting Container Glass Jar or Bowl Strainer Newspaper Spray Bottle for Water Scissors

Step 1 - Put the wheat grass seeds into a glass jar half full of water. You need enough water to completely cover all the seeds by at least an inch. Let this the seeds soak overnight at room temperature. This allows the seed coating to start to break downsoften, allowing the seed to take on water and start the sprouting process.

Step 2 - Prepare your growing container by adding a 1/2" to 1" layer of organic potting mix. Gently tap the container on the counter a few times to help level the potting mix.

Step 3 - After allowing the seeds to soak overnight, strain off the water, and sprinkle the them evenly over the entire surface of the potting mix in the container. Very lightly press them onto the surface of the soil.

Step 4 - Using a mister or a spray bottle, water the seeds and the potting mix so they are moist, but not saturated if your container does not have drainage holes.

Step 5 - Cover your seeds with a single sheet of newspaper, and water the paper until it is soaked through. This will provide a dark, moist environment for the sprouting seeds sprouting. Wet Mist the paper down two to three times a day to keep it from drying out.

Step 6 - By day four, you can remove the newspaper and you should see a container full of wheat grass sprouts about an inch tall. Keep your container in a sunny area, and water mist them with your spray bottle at least twice a day. Don't let them dry out.

Step 7 - In about a week you will have lush, beautiful container of wheat grass that is ready for juicing. With your scissors, cut off the top two- thirds of the new grass in small portions, or harvest the entire container for your juice.

TIP - By rotating three or four containers and planting a new one every four to five days, you will always have a fresh supply of wheat grass on hand.

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