Organics that Finally Work - Ready to Work Miracles At a Garden Near You.

Sometimes the simple goals are the most difficult to achieve. Like organic soil and plant food that we can feel great about using. But with blow-away results.

It’s been the holy grail - because organic products typically don’t deliver.

Miracle-Gro Performance Organics goes from fail to grail.

Our plant scientists have spent years - really! - to create organic soil and plant food that delivers what you see above.

It happens because of what goes on below. Rich and fertile soil that is organically balanced for consistently spectacular performance.

Even better, it’s produced locally. Just the way you want it, just the way it should be.

We are proud to bring you Performance Organics. It’s the result of some breakthrough organic research into plant nutrition.

And can’t wait for you to see the results of our results.

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