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With their thick, glossy leaves, ZZ plants add a fresh, modern accent. Here's how to care for these low-maintenance, slow-growing houseplants.
We all rely on friends to make us better. Tomatoes are no exception. These three plants are the perfect companion next to those vibrant ruby reds.
Discover the best trailing houseplants for every space.
What's so great about raised bed gardening? A lot! Check out these compelling reasons to plant your next garden in a raised bed.
Fill your home with gorgeous blooms year-round.
Wouldn't you like to breathe cleaner air? You can - at least inside your home - by growing houseplants
Aloe is extremely low maintenance, adds beauty to your home or office, and also contains a skin-soothing gel. Here's how to grow it.
Enjoy different flavors from different parts of the plant.
Learn all about what a raised bed garden is, including what it's made of, how big it should be, what kind of soil to put in it, and more.
Build a long-lasting relationship with your in-ground garden by giving plants regular TLC.
Learn to select the right houseplants for your needs
Saving rainwater is like putting money in the bank.