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For houseplants, there’s no such thing as a summer break.

Feel confident—and have fun—putting your dreams down in the dirt with these important planting tips.

We all rely on friends to make us better. Tomatoes are no exception. These three plants are the perfect companion next to those vibrant ruby reds.

Put the fun in functional with the right container for each of your leafy friends.

With their thick, glossy leaves, ZZ plants add a fresh, modern accent. Here’s how to care for these low-maintenance, slow-growing houseplants.

Start with easy greens or dive into an adventure—there’s a veggie for every type of indoor gardener.

Sunny windowsills are overrated.

Read this before you snip.

A photo-based video listing and describing some of the most popular trees for growing inside the home.

Give your green pal a successful home makeover when the time is right

African violets not only produce beautiful blooms, but are easy to grow and can live for decades. Here's how to grow them in your home or office.