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Calling all aspiring green thumbs—making more of these carefree plants couldn’t be easier!

You’ll be amazed at how little room it takes to grow your own food.

They grow up so fast! Prepare your seedlings for life outdoors.

The secret sauce is in the layers.

Discover how multiple plantings and a bit of planning can put fresh-grown food on your table all season long.

Sprouting seeds is an easy way to start plants growing indoors in the springtime, then you can plant them in soil once the roots appear. If it’s warm enough to plant outside where you are, you can also plant seeds directly into the garden soil. Why not try both ways and have a contest to see which one leads to the first full-grown plants?

Enjoy your produce for months after you pick it

Take the guesswork out of your garden planning with this easy advice for choosing what to grow.

The secret to a successful garden starts with finding a style that lets you—and your plants—flourish.

Location is everything, but what makes for a perfect spot?

Find out what sets these two gardening styles apart

Trees, shrubs, brush piles and boxes provide year-round shelter for birds.