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With Aerogarden, you can enjoy year-round freshness – Guaranteed. A beautiful gift to give, an even better one to receive!

Using just the right soil and plant food can make a big difference.

Plants don’t just get thirsty – they get hungry, too.

Discover why growing gorgeous plants starts with one key element: great garden soil.

Psst! Want in on one of the key secrets to a gorgeous, productive garden?

Get the details on one of the best things you can do for your garden: mulch it!

Learn how plant food can help you get the most from your garden, including a big harvest.

Don’t toss out the good stuff at the end of the season—it can be a keeper!

Make growing your favorite outdoor plants easier and more successful with the right tools.

How to keep your plants from withering away when you go away

Make a garden measuring tool using a long handled garden tool, like a rake, shovel or hoe, and a tape measure.