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An easy walkthrough to get your own plants rooted with AeroGarden and ready to flourish!
When it comes to gardening, some seed varieties are best sprouted indoors. From kale to okra, learn the 11 best seeds to start indoors for an optimal harvest.
If you’re looking for a fast and convenient seed starting system, look no further than AeroGarden.
Starting seeds indoors is great for many reasons, one being - more bang for your buck!
you've ever wondered what pollinator - friendly gardens are all about or why you should have heres the fyi a diy garden.< p>
Roses have symbolized love and beauty for thousands of years.
Find a sunny spot big enough for some pots and an array of fresh vegetables can be yours.
Learn how to grow cucumbers from garden experts at Miracle-Gro, including tips on planting cucumbers and growing cucumbers in pots.
Learn tips and tricks for growing beautiful geraniums.
What to do in your Southwestern melon patch before the heat picks up
Learn all about how to grow peppers.
We teach you all about how to grow tomatoes