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Roses have symbolized love and beauty for thousands of years.

Plant perennials for blooms that come back year after year with little maintenance.

Learn how to grow cucumbers from garden experts at Miracle-Gro, including tips on planting cucumbers and growing cucumbers in pots.

Get step by step directions for adding a fruit tree to your landscape.

Learn tips and tricks for growing cilantro.

This versatile veggie makes all the difference in many meals

Orchids are are sometimes considered exotic and difficult to grow, but with a little knowledge they can actually be easy to care for.

Add some colour to your shady areas

Find a sunny spot big enough for some pots and an array of fresh vegetables can be yours.

Learn tips and tricks for growing strawberries.

Don’t be afraid to prune roses! Pruning stimulates growth and results in more blooms and a healthier plant overall.

How to plant and care for one of the most popular spring flowers