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Roses have symbolized love and beauty for thousands of years.

Plant perennials for blooms that come back year after year with little maintenance.

Learn how to grow cucumbers from garden experts at Miracle-Gro, including tips on planting cucumbers and growing cucumbers in pots.

With spring around the corner, a gardener can get a bit anxious to start planting. But not all vegetables are as eager to get into the cool ground and start growing.

Trees, shrubs, brush piles and boxes provide year-round shelter for birds.

After a long, hot, summer, cheery fall flowers brighten up the yard

You're only a few simple steps away from growing your own organic veggies and herbs!

Tell the world you’re ready for cooler weather with one of these 3 easy projects.

Enjoy different flavors from different parts of the plant.

Get step by step directions for adding a fruit tree to your landscape.

Learn tips and tricks for growing cilantro.

This versatile veggie makes all the difference in many meals