How to Start Seeds Indoors In Your AeroGarden Harvest

If you’re looking for a fast and convenient alternative to traditional seed starting, then look no further than AeroGarden.

Starting Seeds in an AeroGarden

If you’re looking for a fast, convenient, and/or alternative method to traditional seed starting for vegetables, herbs, or flowers, look no further than an AeroGarden.

Indoor seed starting is a great way to get a jumpstart on the gardening season, ensure an early harvest, and grow more vegetables throughout the season. But many gardeners find it difficult to provide adequate growing conditions inside their homes. Low light and inconsistent moisture can lead to poor seed germination and weak, leggy plants. AeroGarden seed starting systems solve these problems and others by providing exactly the right amount of light, moisture, and nutrients that seedlings need to grow fast, strong and healthy.

Overview of the seed starting system

There are six different AeroGarden seed starting systems, one for each Aerogarden model, with room for 15 to 50 seedlings. The seed starting system for the AeroGarden Harvest offers 23 plant spaces. If you are accustomed to buying seedlings in six-packs and 4-packs, this setup produces the equivalent of four or five of those. The kit includes everything you need (except the seeds): a reusable seed starting tray that replaces the standard AeroGarden grow deck, grow sponges, and plant food.

The system is easy to use and provides everything the plants need from seed germination to transplant. Because the system provides a high level of consistency, it reduces the number of seeds that resist sprouting. Plus the plants are stronger because they’ve been receiving a slow, steady nutrient feeding all along. The end results are fast germination, efficient use of seeds, and a consistent crop of robust seedlings for the garden.

showing an aerogarden seed pod system

How to start seeds in the AeroGarden Harvest

Startup requires three steps and takes just a few minutes.

  • Move the base growing deck and pump nozzle. Store them away for later use. Insert the seed starting deck into the Harvest, along with the sponges.
  • Fill the water reservoir to the fill line along with half the amount of plant food listed on the plant food bottle. Let the sponges soak for 24 hours.
  • Sow one or two seeds in each grow sponge and place them in the seed starting tray.
  • Seeds germinate in one to three days and are ready to transplant within three weeks.
aerogarden seed starting system pod

Why it Works Better than Traditional Seed Starting

A self contained AeroGarden seed starting system improves seed starting in several ways by providing everything that young plants need from seed to transplant. After the initial set up, it needs virtually no attention until it’s time to transplant. Just check weekly for plant maturity. The system provides highly consistent growing conditions for efficient use of space, time, and materials such as seeds, water, and plant food.