Planting a container bulb lasagna

Container bulb lasagna is a gardening technique that involves layering the same or different types of spring flowering bulbs in pots to create a stunning display of blooms. Learn how to create your own container bulb lasagna and enjoy a beautiful burst of colour.

Spring flowering bulbs are equally at home in pots as they are in the ground. Plant multiple bulbs of the same type of flower or layer different bulbs to create what’s known as a bulb lasagna. To create a bulb lasagna, choose bulbs that will bloom at different times and the result will be a continuous bouquet in a pot.

Step 1

Choose a pot that’s both deep enough and wide enough to accommodate multiple layers – at least 12” tall for 2 or 3 layers of bulbs. It’s critical that the pot has a drainage hole. Place shards to cover the hole to prevent soil loss while still draining excess water. Good drainage is an important key to growing bulbs in pots. Fill with a nutrient-rich potting soil to reach approximately 8 inches from the top, like Miracle-Gro® Organics Potting Mix for Vegetables & Herbs.

Step 2 

Begin placing your bulbs, with the largest on the bottom layer. You can plant bulbs more snugly than you would in the ground, leaving approximately the width of one bulb, or 2 cm between them. Cover the bulbs well with about 8 to 10 cm of soil, depending on the depth of your pot.

Step 3 

Continue to layer bulbs and soil, reaching just below the top rim of your pot, and then cover with a final layer of soil. Gently press down on the soil to ensure that the soil stays in place and bulbs are secure. Water enough to moisten the soil but do not overwater. 

Step 4 

Storing your planted container is the next and final step before spring. The bulbs will remain dormant in the soil over the winter season. Most spring-blooming bulbs need between 10 and 14 weeks of cold weather to promote beautiful, healthy flowers. You must keep the container in a location between 3 - 7 degrees celsius , but the bulbs must not be allowed to freeze. An unheated garage, sunroom, or shed provides the right conditions. Water very sparingly during this period; you want the soil to be moist, but not wet, or the bulbs will rot. 

Check the bulbs for sprouts as spring approaches. When you see shoots emerge, you can move your pots outside to your preferred location and enjoy! 

Article by Martha Stewart, as part of the Growing with Martha Stewart partnership.