Kokedama How-To

Kokedama is a Japanese gardening technique that involves wrapping a plant in moss instead of placing it in a pot. The effect? An almost other-worldly elegance.

The photo above shows examples of the best varieties to use - from easy to grow to advanced - then follow a few simple steps to make your own. Watering your plant is simple: Just dunk the moss and root ball in water until they feel heavy.

Some Kokedama varieties to try:

  1. Begonia Silver Lace - Advanced
  2. Asparagus Fern “Sprengeri” - Intermediate
  3. Spider Plant - Intermediate
  4. Mother Fern - Easy
  5. Philodendron Cordatum “ Brasil” - Easy
  6. Dracaena Reflexa “ Variegata” - Easy

What You Need:

1. Prepare wires

Cut a 20-inch length of wire. Unravel 20 more inches from the spool, leaving wire attached. Twist loose piece around the center of attached piece to form an X, as shown; lay across the bowl.

2. Line bowl with moss

Place a large piece of moss over v and press down into the bowl to make room for the plant. Add a handful of soil.

3. Wrap Plant

Set the plant in the bowl's center. Tie ends of cut wire at top of root ball. Lift the plant and moss out of the bowl. Continue winding spooled wire around moss until secure. Cut wire, tuck into moss. Display by hanging with filament or placing in a dish.

Article by Martha Stewart, as part of the Growing with Martha Stewart partnership.