Keep Your Cut Christmas Tree Fresh

Prolong the Tradition

For those who enjoy them, a real Christmas tree is likely one of the highlights of the holiday season. A fir, pine or spruce tree makes an inviting and fragrant addition to the home that many like to keep into the New Year. Follow these simple tips to help keep your Christmas tree looking fresh for longer.

Choose a Variety

In some regions, you will have at least a couple of varieties of Christmas tree to choose from. Balsam fir trees have a stronger scent and stronger branches to hold all your ornaments. Scotch pines, on the other hand, will hold on to their needles for longer indoors. Spruces have that desirable conical Christmas tree shape as well as strong branches.

Start Fresh

When choosing a Christmas tree, start early. Avoid browning needles and look for a tree that doesn't drop a lot of green needles when you shake it or run a branch through your hand. If you're not putting the tree up in the house right away, store it in a cool (but not freezing) place out of the wind. Cut 1-2.5 cm (1/2"-1") off the bottom of the trunk and put it in water if you plan on storing the tree for more than a couple of days.

Keep Your Tree in Water

When you take the tree indoors, re-cut the trunk if you haven't done so already. Place the tree in a stand that will hold about 4 litres (or 1 gallon) of water. The key to keeping your tree fresh is to keep the bottom 5 cm (2") of the trunk in water, even if that means refilling the stand every day. 

Keep Your Room Cool

You'll want that cozy feeling in the room where you place your tree, but Christmas trees prefer cooler temperatures, so turn down heat whenever possible and place your tree closer to a window, away from radiators and fireplaces.

*Reduces needle drop vs. water only, when used as directed.