Small Space Container Gardening Ideas

´╗┐Personalize Your Container Garden

One of the best parts about container gardens is that the containers themselves become part of the landscape. So you can really personalize your space with unique shapes, colours, and sizes before you even put any plants in. From wine crates to old boots, get creative and let the containers reflect your style, your region or your sense of humor. For a more symmetrical look, use a variety of shapes and sizes of containers, and be sure to contrast your plants for colour and interest.

What to Plant In Your Containers

First you need to consider what look you want. Are you interested in something vibrant, dramatic or soothing? Succulents, perennials and annuals all work well. Even vegetables are a good choice. Keep in mind that you want to choose plants that thrive in like soil, watering and light conditions to have a successful, easy to care for container garden.

Switching the Looks Around

You will no doubt want to enjoy your container garden all year long. So, when the seasons change, you can too. Simply shift around some containers, add or subtract different plants (use daffodils and tulips in the spring and mums in the fall), and suddenly everything looks brand new for a fresh, colourful look. If you choose to get a little bold, you can try a few hanging containers, put flower boxes on your railings, even plug in a tabletop fountain. Your imagination is the only limit to how you can transform your small space with a container garden.