May 7, 2024

Subsequent to the launching of our Miracle-Gro Canada “Socks & Crocs” promotion, an unaffiliated party created an unauthorized website falsely claiming affiliation with Miracle-Gro and purporting to operate an identically-branded “Sock & Crocs” promotion. The party responsible for the phony website also used copycat social media account handles with the Miracle-Gro logo and the names “Selected Winner” and “Congratulation Winner” to falsely inform social media users that they had been selected as a winner and to steer them to the phony website. If you received a notification that you were a winner via a social media message, you may have been directed to the unaffiliated, illegitimate, and unauthorized website, which appeared as follows:

We want to emphasize that we have no association with this website or these social media accounts and advise caution in engaging with them. 

The legitimate website of the Miracle-Gro brand in Canada can be found at We urge you to only interact with official channels to ensure your safety and security online.

If you participated in the legitimate “Socks & Crocs” promotion at, we can confirm the promotion was a legitimate, authorized Miracle-Gro promotion. Winners of the legitimate promotion will be notified via authorized Miracle-Gro channels.